This engine works a lot on dirt roads.. I'm more detail-oriented. - TECHNO Machines


This engine works a lot on dirt roads.. I'm more detail-oriented.

That's right Aline, always taking care of our work tools, we will always have good tools. Congratulations on your work, it's very good to see that you are well

You have to give a Grau in the Cargo, let's go, we're going to come many, many roads through this immense Brazil of ours

Here in Paraná it's raining and sunny, it turns into that snot of time, you know when there's dust and a light rain just to get everything dirty? Capricious woman with the freighter, that's right! It's a pity that it has these stains, it's really discouraging, but I think it's possible to recover with the right product.

Good morning, Alina.
Do you know why everything is right for you? Eh because you're very dedicated, you love what you know how to do, you don't waste your time on the wrong things. You are always happy and joyful because God is present in your life twenty-four hours a day. My beautiful I wish you success and happiness. Stay with God and a big hug from Geraldo.

Save ALINE I think that for you to solve these problems on the seats and panel well on the seats I think it's better to put covers on the panel now it's difficult because if you apply some product it could stain more because of the sun, FOFURUCHA always have the company of all your GUIDES DIVINE may your GUARDIAN ANGEL always remain close to you in the cabin of your truck may FATHER and MOTHER from heaven protect you and always illuminate all your paths on the highways, always be in the peace of JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.




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