Sunday it's like... the day to fill the bin... - TECHNO Machines


Sunday it's like... the day to fill the bin...

Aline, you need to carry a ladder to climb the tombador. And another beautiful thing, when sweeping, wear a mask, so you don't have breathing problems later, okay... I like watching your videos. God bless and protect you always

This one has all my respect, in addition to being wonderful, she is also a super worker, a true hitchhiking professional. Thank you for the peace you convey to us  all the best always

You are really a figure , super fun , may God always enlighten you and your husband , you 've had a year of changes and transformations but all of this sometimes helps us to evolve day after day

Mia, by a 3 step ladder you can store it in your tool box or on the back of your Cab outside. Buy to small locking hangers. Don't hurt yourself going your trailer. God bless you

Hello Aline, how are you? Hope so. Thank you for showing us these videos and the dedication to cleaning the grain bin. Surely dust must wear a disposable mask for sweeping dust. Congratulations on your effort and your feminine courage. Big hug and A kiss in the heart of you and family and Belinha too. Great week. Amen. Julio Cesar Gomes Curitiba PR.




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