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Stump Grinding Machines & Wood Crusher Working - Incredible Satisfying Wood Processing Factory

I have always wondered how they did this and I thought that they would try to pull it out in some way. To know now that there are many machines that do the job so properly is a reassuring thouhgt. Beautiful and intensely satisfactory to watch!

Totally hypnotic. I could watch these machines in action all day. I was wondering what happened to the uprooted stumps and sure enough they have a machine for them as well

In the old days, it was a man with a gurpio, an ax and hoes... everything on his arm to pull out the stumps. What they couldn't do, they set fire to it and it kept burning for days, until they consumed all the roots.

That is the best and only way stumps should be removed, with roots and all, not like the ones that dump high amounts of fuel on the stump and around it, and try to burn it out. That way doesn't work to good, as the long root system doesn't get burned away,  making settling spot, and the same for gringing, dump lots of fuel on and around it and mess with it for days and days, and the root ball and roots are still there. Just have someone with an excavator, or rent one, with letting the sales rep know how many stumps and size, and the rep will set the person renting one, and dig them out.and put back the material that will be short of. Isn't it funny, dig a pretty size big hole or a little smaller one, and after digging the stump out, there is never enough to fill the hole back in, the stump gets a pass, as a big area of wood took up a area of the ground .

In Russia, in the taiga, millions of trees are cut down at logging sites and it would be interesting to see how they deal with stumps in order to prepare areas for new forest plantations. And compare how Russia has moved forward in uprooting stumps




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