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Stihl ms 880 150cm vs big oak log

I'm all for cutting esp some great wood like that. I feel like there's gonna be a day when you can't see a tree that size still standing. Great video! Wish I was there.

Simply some badass sawing. Very impressed! Couldn't find a Stihl like that here in the States. They run much much differently. "Junk"

Wow! What a beautiful peice of wood! And that saw is crazy! I remember watching storage wars and they found one in a locker. My mind was blown by the size of the saw.

MS880 is a slower rpm saw than the smaller MS462 and MS500 but you can hear it grunting with more torque through all that wood.

Should have left the face cut on the stump and not the log. Would have saved you some expensive Oak wood! Pretty amazing that big bar left wood on the back side and you had to cut it out with the limbing saw. Nice action with the pickaroon too.

I'd say this tree is anywhere between 150 to 250 years old. What is amazing to me is that there is no rot at all. .ussualy oaks have rotten centers from. Maybe a broken branch leaving a place for rain water to sit and over time rot itsbway down to the base of the tree . Awesome for table tops.

Imagine how many years and just how long it took for that tree to get that big and to that size. That tree is probably older than our grandfathers.




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