Amazing Biggest Woodworking Heavy Sawmill Cutting Wood - Excellent Saw - TECHNO Machines

Amazing Biggest Woodworking Heavy Sawmill Cutting Wood - Excellent Sawmill Extreme Techniques

You have to wonder how long, if at all, they had to let that giant chunk of wood dry before they cut it. By the looks of the wood I'm guessing not very long. Nonetheless it seems to be OK.

muy noble y hermoso el trabajo de la carpintería lo malo es la deforestacion de arboles tan antiguos mala política de conservación de bosques y selvas nativas

A blade that wide should have teeth on both sides so you can cut on the return pass. Much more efficient

This saw looks like one I used...CD brand....I used to saw huge hard tropical woods...even kevazingo!!!.. (iron wood);... ......with relative ease!!..

I was wondering if there is a way you can ship to here a plank of the best wood you can find to build a Puerto Rican Cuatro (Cuatro Puertorriqueño you can look into the Internet under that name) which is an instrument of ten strings and also is our National Instrument. I am looking for sime wood that may have some characteristics like the ones founded on the Olive wood, it is like drawings on the wood. The wood have to be a of plank of a hard to semi hardwood with no crack or damaged wood. the measurements are 36" Long X 12" Wide X 4" Deep. I you or anybody out there can ship to Puerto Rico a piece of wood of these dimensions, please contact me.

I wonder how long it will take them to be like.... "Huh! What! I can't hear you. I'm deaf in one ear, and can't hear out the other.




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