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You Should See This Awesome Homemade Firewood Processor Machines Working, Amazing Fast Log Splitter

Cutting the log, splitting the wood and loading it all in one move, amazing! Beats the heck out of cutting the wood, then loading it, then at home swinging the splitting maul or hitting the wedge to split the wood! I'm saving and sharing this video!

Awesome job really enjoyed your video now I have to go split some wood with a really small splitter 12ton and short i will be thinking of your videos thank you good job

I love watching these because I remember how much I hated doing this and I did it a lot. I love turning up the thermostat in my nice clean wood free smoke free house. But I admit it wasn’t all bad. I thought it was funny when I turned the stove bright red like the electric stove and almost burned the house down. : ). Those were the days

australian hardwood all knotts . man i block busted lots. my back hurts watching it but way wish i had some of that machines 30 yrs ago

4:20 If this guy was working for me I would fire him on the spot for not wearing safety glasses or a face shield.

I have seen small versions of the wheel grinder in action but that big wheel monster that was grinding the stumps is the fastest grinder I have ever seen, this has to be one of the best on the market. I am sure the cost is way up there and a company would have to be able to do a lot of Stump Work to pay for it.




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