Strong... as a Rock!! Stihl ms 881 vs Huge tree. - TECHNO Machines

Strong... as a Rock!! Stihl ms 881 vs Huge tree.

Strong... as a Rock!! Stihl ms 881 vs Huge tree. The process of felling large trembesi trees, using a stihl ms 881 chainsaw and husqvarna 3120 XP chainsaw, the best-in-class wood cutting machine by a professional wood chainsaw operator. After the wood is cut to size it is immediately carried by 8 wood workers onto a truck to be sent to Jepara as wood craft materials and furniture such as carved statues, chairs and solid trembesi tables. 

I think the STIHL people got to my legendary friend Is_Woko and have him now endorsing their Saws. I hope He's being properly compensated as everyone SPENDS MONEY. He really makes that saw much greater than it actually is with his vast knowledge, expertise and experience. BIG UP YOURSELF IS_WOKO

In a weird sort of way, it's nice to see hard working men not worrying about OSHA regulations or the tobacco Gestapo while they make a living cutting down trees.

Looks like a fairly poor place with not many things mechanical or technological, but they still have a tree guy who buys the biggest and most expensive stihl's and husqvarna's you can buy. Rather mind boggling.

OMG, why are you cutting this way? No interest in limbing the top and roping the upper branches and trunk? There must be a reason I'd like to hear. Be careful, no wedges?

These guys are worth 100 american chainsaw users, I can't call them lumber jack purely because of the waste. These guys waste nothing a barely leave a stump. American chainsaw users could learn from these guys




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