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Southern Yellow Pine Boards with The Sawmill Queen

It’s always a pleasure to see Zoe do her thing, wisdom with dealing with so many different kinds of wood and working with all the cool machinery is always a plus!!! Please keep up the good work and keep the videos coming

Beautiful yellow pine. This will be a beautiful shop and you will be saving thousands of dollars by milling your own lumber. Great job and am looking forward to your build. Great job on the milling. Have an awesome day.

Stumbled onto your channel. Came for the wood cutting, stayed because of who was cutting it. We can see how she us in such great shape with all that lifting of wood. Nice job.

On logs with taper if you jack up or spacer the small end you'll get more wood out of it. You roughly want the centers of each end of the log at the same height.

Zoe if you measure from the ground to the center of your log and shim the small end for the first cut you will get more lumber out of your logs these measurements will have to be taken on the first cut and third to maxamize your lumber production. just a suggestion

That Yellow Pine Looks Amazing After It's Cut. Great Job Zoe. Can't Wait To See The New Shop & Kiln. Y'all Have A Great Week

Yellow pine will practically last forever. It's the only pine that makes lighter. We live in South Mississippi and have a church and school built in 1926 using yellow pine and the lumber is still in great shape. Keep up the great work and be safe




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