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Incredible Fastest Skill Huge Tree Felling With Chainsaw, Dangerous Stihl Chainsaw Cutting Tree Down

Grew up hearing that annoying sound of chainsaws everyday since my dad owned a tree service ,these videos always show cutting the tree down but never the time consuming hard work of cutting the tree into pieces and loading it all up on the truck and unloading it at the dump , that's where the work begins

that wedge cut and the cut at the back of the wedge makes sense, the weight starts leaning towards the gap in the wedge and back cut removes the resistance to fall into the wedge.

The last feller is just tin. Not only is the chain blunt. So he does not know how to cut down trees, from the word at all. He did not cut down, but tortured this tree.

The guy at the end way overdid everything. I wouldn't get a damn thing done if I wasted that much time just for one clean cut leaner.

The dude in all the orange get up … sure as hell doesn’t earn his living in the woods. Dull saw, and the goofiest undercut and back cut system I have ever seen! Poor tree suffered the “ death of a thousand cuts!”

Very good work and the genius of the experts on wood is great ok boss, greetings continue to be successful. greetings from Indonesia ok

Can someone explain to me why use smaller chainsaw? Here in the Philippines they always use large chainsaws to fell trees




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