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How to Make Firewood Cutting Machine DIY

An excellent design, but if I were making one for myself I would have the operating handle on the opposite side. I would feel much safer that way.

Excelentes videos , me gustan mucho , vi que te falta tener una dobladora, de planchas de metales, podrías construirte una o comprarla ,te ahorrarás mucho trabajo. ... bueno Amigo te envío muchos Likes

Nice idea, but I have Lara's comments...
Well, as I looked further, there is a possibility of pulling clothes through the saw during cutting. This is clearly visible in the tests
Then you should not mount the contactor loosely. It would be better to put a piece of installation rail there
After 3, you can use the built-in thermistor in the engine (this cube next to the engine) so as not to overheat it, just connect it in series with the button that turns on the contactor
And there are also safety issues that there must be, for example, two hands on the buttons so that they don't get caught in the saw somewhere
But nice project :)

The feeling is that while you prepare firewood in this way, you will burn more electricity than an electric boiler!

You have a talent. I know I don't need what you do for free, but the way you do it is fascinating. Thank you, I enjoy watching. Successes, new ideas and new movies for us. I like this.




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