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Felling Machine - Cable Assist Yarding, Steep Slope Tigercat skidder and Remote Winch Assist Dozer

For those that don't know, yes their lives are hanging by a thread! Have done this before and it is not for the foolish! You trust each other and your equipment! Hourly inspection of your equipment is normal. You don't want to go for a rough run down the slope! Tough work ! Bless the timber hustlers and ridge running!

Here's a wild idea.. huge pulley at top of hill & as one skidder is going downhill, it's pulling other skidder up. Energy being offset more efficiently..?

The 602 skidder platform is customizable for various niche applications. It can be equipped with single and dual drum winches or a swing boom. A truly compact and agile skidder, the narrow overall width is achieved with a fixed front axle and centre joint oscillation.

The 602 is a truly compact grapple skidder suited to high value extraction and selective felling applications. Clever component arrangement allows for a smaller engine compartment than competing machines. A fixed front axle with centre joint oscillation achieves a narrow overall width for agility in tight spaces.

The Tigercat 610E is a compact skidder that leads its class in operator visibility, speed, agility and power. It excels in tight spaces, soft soil conditions and selective logging.

The 620H provides versatility for a variety of thinning and final felling operations in favourable terrain conditions. Like all H-series machines, the 620H is equipped with Turnaround 220, providing the best sightlines, comfort and ergonomics for operators.




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