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Amazing Fastest Skill Cutting Big Tree ChainSaw Machines, Heavy Biggest Felling Tree Machine working

To fall a tree the right way the back cut should be angled down to the scaf. The felling line can be changer by moving the backcut right or left towards the hinge, this may be used to compensate for wind bias - no need for wedges or jacks. Cheers

You've got to love how the chainsaw operator is wearing a helmet and has ear and eye protection. The assistant, however, has none of those things. Probably not the brightest bulb on the tree...

Gotta love the one guy in PPE and the other in t-shirt and shorts but it's okay because Mr shorts isn't holding the saw so he's in no danger. Most people didn't have visors down, gloves on (at least their left), chainsaw trousers or boots. But nonetheless there were some unique and effective cutting styles.

I just wonder how the person cutting down a tree that is decades older than there intelligence feels. I am not a tree huger but, I respect old trees.

I understand wanting to get the job done. What I don’t understand is the number of times people get in the line of fire of the chainsaw to save 30 seconds

I thought about using a jack for years to get leaners to go where I wanted them. I always cut for the equipment, to make it easier for the operator. But where things is so fast past, I really couldn't carry a jack and bar around. I guess I could have left it on the equipment until I needed it.

My Uncle did this his whole life. Unfortunately, the last one he cut fell and pivoted on a limb half way up the tree that caused the butt to go up and backwards. It landed on him full force and he died, 2 hours later, in the hospital from internal bleeding.

The man who felled that second tree (starting at 2:53) /arshould have made his cut about two or three feet higher. That way, he could have preserved the area where the trunk branched into the roots. That area is/are called the "knees." Because the wood grain naturally bends around the corner, "knees" like that are sought after in the wooden boat and ship building and repair trade because they make very strong hull-to-deck supports. He could have gotten a good price for a set of big oak knees like those. But...




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